Juan Francisco Martínez Martínez, who was bricklayer and plasterer, opened the workshop “El Pilar” in Horche in 1942, dedicated to the realization of altarpieces, first in plaster and later in wood.

After the civil war, the churches in the area had been completely bare of images and altarpieces; all lost liturgical furniture needed to be replaced.

A few years later, José Antonio Martínez, son of Juan Francisco, began working in the workshop, which continued the work begun by his father until the first years of the 21st century.

The sons of José Antonio, Álvaro and David, are already the third generation of artisans who direct the workshop.

Since its origins, the workshop has been mainly dedicated to the construction of altarpieces, although over time, its activity has expanded to all kinds of liturgical furniture (altars, ambo, lecterns, pedestals ...), processional thrones and religious imagery.

All the works shown on this website have been measured, projected, built and decorated in our workshop. In 2017 Artemartínez celebrated its 75th anniversary, 75 years of art in Horche of which he is very proud.

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